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Be Travel Pranic presents Qi Gong in energy places. Be Travel Pranic offers new fresh ideas that combines exploration of beautiful places with the inner discovery.    

Be Pranic offers training courses with Qigong masters abroad, as well as trips where the main activities, naturalistic excursions and visits to local communities are main activities.

Practices are developed that mainly concern responsible tourism, where the journey is seen as time to dive and to breathe the Qi of the places chosen in the travel program.

Each temple, understood as a sacred place for local communities, such as religious temples or natural places such as parks or nature reserves, has inherent a field of Qi. We inhale and exhale the Qi of these places to relax the body and the mind. Even the meetings with the natives have the same purpose. Learn to listen to different points of view and get in touch with local communities.

Can be born projects of exchange and sustainable, intended to support the local economy.

Concrete example and support for the commercial textile industry. Buying local fabrics, allows both to increase the local economy and at the same time the craft that always more difficult to keep up with the trend of large industries.

In collaboration with a Dutch tailor of African origin and my passion for traveling, together we promote fair trade. Creations of clothes with fabrics originating from small local producers in the world.

We evaluate these exchange relations not only economic exchanges but pranic exchanges.

Will be listed here QiGong trainings abroad and nice stays. Travel into natural places brings stimulations from the montains, lakes, rivers , animals. Those are examples of places where the QiField wil be particular dense. Be Pranic like to create a new experience where together we can feel the natural voice of rocks, trees, landscapes and archaeological sites and synchonize it with your natural flow. We merge with ancient and new informations from the enviroment. We all may need a particular place where we can nourish inside, where our mind can be free. Travel with Be pranic can take place abroad but as well in Amsterdam.

Be Pranic Travel will help you to find the best solution for your pranic needs.


coming soon….

around January / february 2020

Thailand , Pai , Sabai Garden.

immersion in nature with QI gong and Music.

Community feeling, simple and natural living, drumcircles, fireplace, art, nice sunset view, rural but near to center, quiet.

Clay Houses, bamboo bungalows, dorm & Camping. Permaculture project with organic garden & natural building. Regular Jam & drumming sessions around the fire. Good vibes with an international community of artists, musicians and sparkly happy people making memories and sharing space.

4 full days of meditation, qi gong training with Barbara.

you are welcome to send an email if you are interested ad get more info to


Be Pranic Travel” Presents:
Join master Tao for a fun, relaxing and energizing Qigong class at the beautiful location of Olhos de Aqua, Algarve.
The classes will be at the beach as well indoors from 1 to 4 November 2017
Location: Apartamentos Do Parque
Retreat: Stay at Do Parque R. do Parque 5, 8200-637 Olhos de Água, Portugal

1 – 4 November 2017
We will meet 4 of November in the morning to start our journey.

Four days of visiting Olhos de Aqua, Algarve , nice village near the south Portugal ocean.
Place were energy flows very well.
Master Tao will lead our Qi Gong morning and afternoon classes.
To let QI flow well, we have been invited by Master Tao to be more relaxed in & out bodies & mind. Helping our emotions to resonate in a harmony state. Master Tao will therefore create 3 mornings and 3 afternoon sets.
For this propose we will have plenty of time to enjoy the coast, the beach walking and the beautiful, Algarve.

It will be enjoyable and relaxed.
It will be stay free as the wind.

Enjoying free time and make time to strenght your life force.
We will train everyday for 3 days, the rest of the stay will be on your own disposal, for your own creativity.
During this time we will manage to establish internal live force, by walking with Ming meng on the beach and morning time for stretch with qi gong.
Afternoon we will practice the 3 center meditation and we will have the time to Pour QI down to our body, deep inside.

As soon we book as soon we can get the availability confirmed.
The range price will depend on the number of people in de room as example the following, special prices are in place for this retreat.
The price are per apartment:
€ 28 studio max 2 persons, 1 room apt € 40 max 3 persons , 2 bedroom apt € 50 up to 5 persons.
Maybe we can as well share rooms, when we travel alone.
The rate of the flights will depend on the company and of booking. The flights with return ticket, cost are around 120 euro direct from Amsterdam to Faro. There is a bus directly from Faro to Albufeira, where you can get the bus to Apartamentos Do Parque.
Beside the cost of the apartment, flight and food those are managed directly by you.
We consider the cost of the classes 10 euro per hour, you can join even only a hour, or it is possible to pay in advance, the complete course costs 180 euro.

Please send email to for any extra question or check ourr webpage

Falesia Beach located near the apartamentos Olhos de Aqua, Algarve.

WELCOME TO APARTAMENTOS DO PARQUE with cover of the swimming pool in the winter



Haola, we see you in Portugal!

Seminar in China:

Last but not least, you may like to enjoy Big One month retreat in China

Harmonious Big Family teachers will organize a Healing and basic level Healer Retreat at beautiful Dali, Yunnan Province of China.

Time: 16 November – 10 December 2017

For any question? Just let me know


Past event of Be Travel Pranic

Island of Lanzarote, 20- 23 December 2016, 3 days retreat in the beautiful vulcan landscapes of Lanzarote, in the Canaries Islands.

Thank yuo very much for the nice members of the workshop.

We had a great time where ocean Qi was cleasing up all the energy body involving phisical and mental bodies.

Opportunity to explor the spirituals paths of the island together. Together we merge with the surrandings and their energy fileds, we will wake up our energy body and make it more dynamic and more

lanzaroteflexible and more aware.

Training in QI penetration in the body, Standing meditation, Healing therapy and relaxation.

We will meditade on natural spots, we will have natural walks and we will introduce the new technique of establish energy field  for healing our self, for healing the island and finally to give to our energy bodies a real boost!

The cost of transportation will be on your expences. The cost of 3 days  of Qi exploring will be of 189 euro per person.

Included in the price  will be accomodation for 3 days and with maditations and qi gong lessons with Barbara.  We will buy fresh food daily togeher and make our home made cooking. We will make discover the great power of the Curcuma, 3 days of medicine to clean our bodyes from winter colds and make new balance.

Little retreat in the nature to clean physical mental and energetic bodies.

We will have or a shared accomodation in Charco del Palo, check the accomodation here: lanzarote2LINK

Please if you feel that you need a break and more Qi, Prana, enegy or life force send a email to


All we need is already present!



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