Performed projects

Performed projects 

Seminar in Portugal November  2017

Seminar in Italy settember  2016

Island of Lanzarote, 20- 23 December 2016, 3 days retreat in the beautiful vulcan landscapes of Lanzarote, in the Canaries Islands.

Thank yuo very much for the nice members of the workshop.

We had a great time where ocean Qi was cleasing up all the energy body involving phisical and mental bodies.

Opportunity to explor the spirituals paths of the island together. Together we merge with the surrandings and their energy fileds, we will wake up our energy body and make it more dynamic and more flexible and more aware.

Training in QI penetration in the body, Standing meditation, Healing therapy and relaxation.

We will meditade on natural spots, we will have natural walks and we will introduce the new technique of establish energy field  for healing our self, for healing the island and finally to give to our energy bodies a real boost!

The cost of transportation will be on your expences. The cost of 3 days  of Qi exploring will be of 189 euro per person.

Included in the price  will be accomodation for 3 days and with maditations and qi gong lessons with Barbara.  We will buy fresh food daily togeher and make our home made cooking. We will make discover the great power of the Curcuma, 3 days of medicine to clean our bodyes from winter colds and make new balance.

Little retreat in the nature to clean physical mental and energetic bodies.

We will have or a shared accomodation in Charco del Palo, check the accomodation here: LINK

Please if you feel that you need a break and more Qi, Prana, enegy or life force send a email to


All we need is already present!

Thank you to all partecipants:

Past event:  

27 June-17 July 2016 Xi’an-Xining Tibet travel retreat

Meditate in strong qi field, merge with ancient culture, beautiful grass land, holy mountains, desolate desert, pure lake, blue sky and free clouds.

Details of Travel Healing retreat in Tibet:

Qigong practice with teacher Wei and teacher Tao:

  1.  Open lower dantian, hunyuan qiao, shenji palace space.
  2.  Loosen spine, strengthening central nervous system.
  3.  Practice breathing method to make inner qi strong.
  4.  training the aware entirety, present moment state in travel time, keep kong kong dang dang, huang huang hu hu, open heart merge into the beautiful nature and ancient culture to make a happy, healthy, free new life.

Seminar in China: 2015