Qi Gong weekly classes


Zhineng Qigong are simple and effective Chinese exercises which harnesses Qi energy and then directs it towards healing for to improve mental and physical health. Classes are held at the center by Barbara Pastorini. She has studied in China under the guidance of Master Tao Qingyu, a leading force in the Zhineng Qigong movement.

Zhineng Qigong method:
“Zhi” means intelligence or the potential of the brain to understand and act with the outside world.

“Neng” refers to both physical and mental abilities.

Lift Chi Up, Pour Chi Down, are part of the teachings of Zhineng Qigong.

Based on a holistic approach, Qigong helps by focusing the consciousness inwards, working with both mind and body movements. Daily practice increases vital energy and unblocks channels to improve health and conscious awareness together.

QiGong Practices and free Qigong dance are offered in Amsterdam by Barbara Pastorini.

Monday evening @Middenweg 22 Amsterdam  Oost  http://www.rigdziran.nl/   Winter time 19.00 – 20.30. You can come from 18.30 for a cup of thee.  (Summer time 19.30 – 21)

NEW LOCATION: Nemoland Westerpark, a beautiful place In the new Westerpark (neighborhood of Overbraeck) on the grounds of the School Gardens, between the Children’s Farm, the Water Nature Garden and the Nut & Genoegen garden park. Easily accessible by public transport (bus 21, tram 10)
Overbrakerpad 2, Amsterdam

The duration of the classes will be one hour and 15 minute.

  • On donation base, (€5 recommended)

regular fares are:

  • 1 class 15 euro
  • 10 classes 109 euro

For personal healing you can send me a email and we can meet one hour before the class.

Participants can continue and practice the Zhineng Qigong method in the Netherlands or abroad through teachers trained and authorized by Chinese teachers. Participants can sign up as well in order to enjoy classes in China or make holidays together with the Masters.
Healing, Qi Gong Travels are possible in China and Europe. Check the sections Events & Travel Pranic for the new upcoming travels.

Contact bepranic@gmail.com for more info.