Qigong methods

Zhineng Qigong method:

Zhineng Qigong is a form of training to improve and develop the physical body  and mentalbody.

“Zhi” means intelligence or the potential of the brain to understand and act into the outside world.

“Neng” refers to both physical and mental abilities.

Lift Chi Up Pour Chi Down is part of the teachings of Zhineng Qigong.

It is a gentle form of moving meditation that works together on the whole body, mind and spirit.  Based on a holistic view of life, with Qigong you can achieve change by focusing the consciousness inward, and through work on your consciousness and body movement.  While the first and most obvious benefits of Qigong are an improvement in physical health and a sense of well-being, its practice also has a powerful mental effect.  Daily practice increases vital energy and unblocks the energy channels of the body and improve health and awareness.

Check this VIDEO to get a idea

Qigong dance

Dancing QiGong means your body resonating with free movements in empathy with music and the slow melody of sounds.
Moving freely into the space, discovering spontaneous movements of the energy body.
Energy flows as much you do.
The practice of QiGong dancing is a pleasure not just for the physical body, as we shake, dance and create ability for the body in many of Chinese posture, as well for the faculty to create new imagination thinking on the effect of the energy flow and self healing.
We should really be thankful for our body that carries all day long all our mental structures that brings as on unbalanced situation, just like emotional breakdowns or simple emotional en structured diseases.
QiGong dance harmonize internal organs and external energy channels, create immediate effect on the body level.
The physical body recovers must faster when is energized en disease immediately recover. The emotional en mental body are going easily towards harmony levels, when in Qi state.

Driven from Shen Qi Palace, observing and by exploring the inner peace the intelligent movement start to dance. Qi follows the thoughts, healthiness disappears and your hands became Qi hands.

We use method such as San Ti Shi in order to keep moving from the deepest yang creating new form in Ying. Position and attention points of Shan Ti ShI, check> link

Energy points

acupoints charter

Wuji and Eight section Brocade

Check position WuJi and Eight Bracade section, check link

Check LInk

Chen Qi

The Chen Qi method is a method to stimulate and mobilize the internal qi and unify qi in the entire body. 

We use Hu Yaozhen Wu Qin Xi 5 animals Qigong method please check Photos

VIDEO about the Crane.  Introduction: Hu Lijuan demonstration crane as the basic action: 1. Requirements: into the quiet, eliminate the distractions as a fundamental. To practice God (ie brain) as the main body. (3) Crane-like light-winged (4) Crane-like crank leg wings (5) Crane-like double-wing post-pendulum (3) (7) Crane like turn after the move wings, the second step to understand the sensitivity of the crane; the third step of the existence of gas, concentrate, the heart of a crane, you can appear sensitive longevity Good fly of the crane, the action of ever-changing. God calm gas foot, gas foot sperm, fine enough brain. Body fitness light, longevity longevity

Pulling Qi (La Qi) And Qi Therapy

La Qi is an external qi practice. It is also the basis of external qi therapy. La Qi is a fundamental method taught to all Zhineng Qigong practitioners. We can quickly experience qi effects while doing La Qi. We can apply these qi effects to our body to heal problem areas

Recite silently the following eight verses while visualizing simultaneously:

  • Ding Tian Li Di – Head reaching the sky, feet plunge deep into the earth
  • Xing Song Yi Chong – Relax and imagine body expanding and merging with the universe
  • Wai Jing Nei Jing – Be respectful externally and quiet internally
  • Xin Cheng Mao Gong – Our heart is calm and our appearance reverent
  • Yi Nian Bu Qi – Clear mind of stray thoughts
  • Shen Zhu Tai Kong – Focus on the vast emptiness of the universe
  • Shen Yi Zhao Ti – Reflect back on body
  • Zhou Shen Rong Rong – Body is filled with the warm glow of univeral qi