Zhineng Qigong Culture Day

Zhineng Qigong Culture Day  – 26 September every year

For our beatiful hearts and beatiful world

Zhineng Qigong Culture Day is a day for a new human culture, a day for awakening consciousness and a day for universal love and a harmonious world. It is a public activity initiated by Harmonious Big Family and Zhineng Qigong teachers all over the world, as a non-profit event.

We propose that all Zhineng Qigong practitioners celebrate and practice on the 26th of September each year. This can greatly purify and intensify a worldwide positive qi field, consciousness field and information field; bring peace, harmony and awakening to humans, and also benefit the whole environment, plants and animals.

The purpose of Zhineng Qigong Culture Day:

  1. Bring health of body and mind to mankind;
  2. Awaken human consciousness to develop humans to a higher level;
  3. Spread universal love to create a peaceful and harmonious world.


1.Consciously maintain one’s state: All practitioners try to stay in an aware, peaceful, happy and loving state throughout the day, while consciously connecting with others to form a strong global Zhineng Qigong consciousness field.

2. Practice together: We will meditade in a group of poeple and we will follow the mp3 audios that have been prepared for such day.  The version will be in english. 

  1. Contribute your love heart: In a group, everybody gives love-hug healing to all the others, everybody helps others to resolve any problems, people can give group healing repeatedly to any sick person. If you connect with the world consciousness field individually, you can still find ways to support people around you and do good things for others.
  2. Free celebration activities in a group: sharing experiences, singing, dancing, a shared dinner – with everyone in as good a state as possible.
  3. Meeting point: Tibetan tempel, Middenweg 22, Amsterdam. 18.30

Check Video of Healing experiencies

To sign up, please send an email to bepranic@gmail.com