Tibetan craft

Be Pranic is proud to present the Tibetand craft work of Anish Kumar.

Since 2006, one young artist from the new generatiIMG-20160615-WA0004 (1)on began showing his work to those who appreciate art, on a regular basis. His name is Anish Kumar and he is one of the new generation of artists who emerged on the art scene at that time.

Born- 7th may 1989 Bodhgaya, India, Anish Kumar is a native son of Bihar state. He grew up in the quiet countryside following his elders into the peacefulness of Buddhism since he was young. This was likely to being close to his elders and Buddhist from an early age. Therefore, after he chose to become an artist, someone who expresses his thoughts and feelings from the paintbrush to the convas, he wanted to produce buddhist art.

His work communicates peace and simplicity with gentle lines and smooth colour. When one takes a detailed look at his paintings, each paintbrush stroke shows the patience and concentration of a real artist. It is as if, every time his brush touch the convas. He is meditating. He is breathing energy into his fingers that are holding brush.

The value of things cannot always be measured in terms of cost, and the value of art cannot always be measured by its greatness. Whether it is as large as the sky or as small as a seed of rice, if it stirs feeling in the viewer, feelings of excitement, happiness, pride, fear, thrill or sadness and loneliness it means that work of art has been successful in perfectly communicating between the artist and the viewer.

Be Pranic together with Anish Kumar are happy to show the nice paintings in Europe. Most of them are sold to big tibetan temples in India and we are happy to bring extra visibility to this nice paintings.

Anish offers as well guided teachings in India. You can a book a stay and work in the atelier of Anish. Y

IMG-20160615-WA0006From the Gallery you can view some of the paintings, those ones are for sell. we as well look for a place where we can expose them. if you have any gallery and you are interesed in expose them , I will be really happy to make it happend!

Bodhichitra thangka Spiritual painting course are available  for 6 hour every day,  Saturday is half day and Sunday is weekend holiday.

Weekend :- 20$
Month-long :-100$     
Including metrial of painting

You can sign up for art craft Bodhichitra thangka Spiritual painting course  in India, Bodhgaya and get more information by write an email to bepranic@gmail.com

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